New Growth

Sustainable Finance

Advise on the implementation of sustainable financings

Convinced of the key role of finance to support sustainable growth, Emeriane Avocats advises leading financial players to reconcile performance and profitability with the imperatives of sustainable and responsible investment. 

Emeriane Avocats provides also its expertise in the implementation of alternative financings (including crowdfunding) for starts-ups, SMEs and mid-cap companies.  

  • Green finance: foster transition with new instruments such as green bonds, green financial products or green funds
  • Alternative financings: setting up of crowdfunding platforms; blockchains; issue of social bonds
  • Sustainable and responsible investment emphasizing CSR criteria to combine financial and extra-financial performance
  • Impact investing: advice to management companies, funds and investors willing to generate positive social or environmental impact with optimal financial return
  • Solidarity-based finance: assist investors in the social or solidarity economy
  • SRI label, Greenfin label, Finansol labe

Case studies