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Structuring and Corporate Life

Update of Articles of Association of listed companies to reflect new legal requirements

Our team has advised several listed companies on updating their Articles of Association to comply with the most recent legal requirements and benefit from the new possibilities provided by such framework.


A number of new legal requirements have entered into force during the past few years aimed at simplifying corporate law, rethinking the role of companies in the economic environment, strengthening the role of the board of directors, enhancing flexibility in the functioning of corporate bodies and improving diversity, gender balance, representation of employees and transparency related to regulated agreements.


Overview of recent reforms in corporate law to raise the client’s awareness of new requirements and opportunities offered by such legal requirements.

Analysis of the company’s Articles of Association to provide recommendations covering mandatory modifications and possible areas for improvement.

& Opportunities

Up-to-date and simplified Articles of Association tailored to the company while complying with legal requirements and best market practices in corporate governance.

Enhanced readability; responds to expectations of stakeholders: investors, proxy agencies, employees and business partners.

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