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External Growth

Successfully carry out an Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Our team has assisted several companies in their IPO process enabling them to access to capital markets as soon as possible while complying with all applicable requirements and best market practices. 


A very tight timeframe, extensive and technical legal documentation required to accurately reflect the project, the strategy and the equity story of the company.

A complex capital markets transaction with numerous participants with interests that are often not aligned: management, operational teams, employees, shareholders, investors, auditors, banks, communication agencies, supervisors (French Financial Markets Authority, French Banking Authority), etc.


Strategic advice to choose the best structure for the IPO.

Dedicated team coordinating all workstreams : capital markets matters (coordination with the supervisor, drafting the prospectus and documents related to the listing of shares), transactional matters (negotiating and drafting the underwriting agreement, lock-up undertakings and legal opinions), corporate governance matters (drafting corporate decisions, by-laws and internal rules of the corporate bodies of the listed company) as well as communication matters.

Work in close cooperation with the company’s management and operational teams.

Provide efficient solutions for each step of the IPO and coordinate with all stakeholders to facilitate decisions-making process.

& Opportunities

An IPO carried out within the agreed timeframe, to seize market opportunities and complete a successful transaction.

Comprehensive assistance: our team also provides guidance post-closing of the IPO, on the implementation of all legal and regulatory requirements related to the listing of the shares.

Change of scale for the company in terms of financial solidity and visibility on the market.

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