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    Issuance of different types of warrants (French BSA Air, BSA and...
Structuring and Corporate Life

Issuance of different types of warrants (French BSA Air, BSA and BSPCE) by a fast growing company 

Our team advised the company owning the application WeMoms, the most active community of mums in France, on the implementation of several equity instruments with two main goals: (i) fund the development of the company and (ii) allow employees to participate in the company’s performance.


Set up a solution for a start-up to fund its growth by raising capital from investors within a tight timeframe.

Ease the company’s cash flow while allowing the company to hire and retain talent and use high-value-added service providers.


Set up of BSA AIR to raise equity from investors in a short timeframe and at minimum cost.

Set up of BSPCE and performance shares to financially align employees with the company’s performance, without burdening the company’s finances.

Set up of warrants for the benefit of certain partners or third-party services providers to incentivize them to contribute to the company’s success and offer them additional remuneration while preserving the cash flow of the company.

& Opportunities

Increase the equity of the company in a short timeframe allowing it to improve its financial profile and fund rapid growth.

Align the interests of employees and services providers with the interest of shareholders. Retention and motivation of the employees and services providers that are invited to participate and support the development of the company.

Antoine Cardoso & Dino Jaegle
Co-founders of WeMoms

“Thanks to their tailor-made support, their pragmatic approach and responsiveness, the lawyers of Emeriane Avocats quickly understood our constraints and took them into account to implement BSA AIR, BSPCE, warrants and performance shares. Their valuable insight has allowed us to successfully reach our objectives.”

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