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New Growth

Reflections on Corporate Purpose (“raison d’être”)

Within the framework of the “Pacte” law dated May 22, 2019 related to growth and transformation of companies with the ambition to rethink the place of companies in society, our team advised a listed company in its strategic thinking on formalizing and potentially adopting a corporate purpose (“raison d’être”).


The concept of “raison d’être” is new in French law, as distinct from the corporate object (“objet social”) and social interest (“intérêt social”), thus requiring legal and strategic analysis.

The adoption of a “raison d’être” included in the by-laws of a company involves legal obligations and consequences that are still uncertain due to the lack of case law to clarify the scope of this concept.


Researched, benchmarked and analysed the concept of corporate purpose to gain clarity on its scope and potential legal consequences of its adoption.

Proposed alternative solutions to address client concerns regarding the legal uncertainty created by the inclusion of a “raison d’être” in its by-laws.

& Opportunities

The client decided to adopt a “raison d’être” in its communication (not included in its by-laws) to unite all stakeholders around shared values embedded in the long term activities of the company.

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