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Structuring and Corporate Life

Departure of key leaders

Our team advises both managers and companies on issues related to the departure of key leaders.

Our team has assisted key leaders to negotiate the terms of their departure from the company where they worked. Our team has also advised companies to manage departures of senior leaders in the best possible conditions.


The departure of a key leader, either requested by the company or on his/her own initiative, is a sensitive matter in the corporate life of a company due to competing interests and expectations between parties.

Several rules must be carefully complied with by all parties to avoid disputes.


Understand and identify the applicable set of rules, and the rights and expectations of each party.

Address any potential disputes with negotiated solutions.

Implementation of the departure pursuant to conditions offering the maximum legal certainty for the party we represent.

& Opportunities

Protection of interests and relationships between parties.

Departure of the leader in the best possible conditions and successful transition in the corporate governance of the company.

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