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Set up of a Compliance and Ethics Committee and drafting of its internal rules

Assisted a listed company in its analysis to improve its handling of compliance and ethics matters. Its Board of directors subsequently decided to set up a Compliance and Ethics Committee governed by internal rules drafted by our team.


The legal and regulatory framework, including Law dated December 9, 2016 related to transparency, fight against corruption and modernization of economic law, the so-called “Sapin II” Law, has introduced more stringent applicable requirements for companies in the fight against corruption.

Compliance requirements for companies are multiplying and go beyond obligations related to duty of care and the fight against corruption, to cover various areas such as combatting money laundering and terrorism financing, data privacy, compliance with capital markets ethics or with antitrust law or regulations related to foreign investment control.


Analysis of recent legal and regulatory requirements in terms of compliance and ethics.

Proposed improvements based on analysis of existing procedures and measures.

Drafted internal rules adapted to the missions and functioning of the Compliance and Ethics Committee set up by the Board of Directors to improve handling of these matters within the company and its group.

& Opportunities

Formalized and enhanced of the company’s commitment in terms of compliance and ethics, in line with best market practices and expectations of civil society.

Key driver in promoting a strong and unified corporate culture in regard to compliance and ethics.

Anticipate and prevent compliance risks and potential liability.

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