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Structuring and Corporate Life

Improvement of the corporate governance report of listed companies

Our team regularly advises listed companies (SMEs, mid-cap or large-cap companies) on improvements to their corporate governance report.


Integrating and assimilating multiple legal and regulatory requirements, recommendations and positions of the Financial Markets Authority and corporate governance codes (AFEP-MEDEF Code, MiddleNext Code) and markets practices.

Rapidly evolving legal and regulatory framework on matters related to corporate governance (independence, diversity, gender balance, involvement of employees, etc.) and managers’ compensation (ex ante and ex post say on pay, equity ratios).


Review of existing corporate governance report and tailored analysis of applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Proposal of pragmatic improvements to the content and presentation of the report taking into account the operational specifics of the company.

& Opportunities

Enhanced visibility thanks to a clear, concise corporate governance report, that complies with current legilsation and best market practices, and meets expectations from investors and stakeholders.

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