Facing challenges and supporting your growth projects

Emeriane Avocats assists companies in their growth and transformation to design the optimum legal strategies to achieve their goals.

As a partner to your business, our team works alongside you over the long term to plan and implement all your projects and reconcile legal certainty with performance.

Our advice and guidance cover a variety of new ways for companies to grow: we are with them all the way, from high-performance and innovative growth, to a gradual transition towards more sustainable growth.


In the context of socio-economic changes and the proliferation of legal and regulatory requirements, Emeriane Avocats commits to fostering sustainable growth and to turning constraints and challenges into new opportunities for value creation for our clients.

We are convinced that business law is a key driver of business transformation and unlocking potential through customized advice and guidance.

Our mission

To provide tailored support to our clients, across all issues related to business law, offering them innovative and effective solutions, while ensuring legal certainty and compliance with best market practices.

To support corporate transformations and enable tailor-made and achievable transition to sustainable growth.

corporate purpose

To embody our convictions and give meaning to our activities, we have decided to include a corporate purpose (“raison d’être”) in the articles of association of Emeriane Avocats:

“Determined to play an active role in the transition to a sustainable and resilient economy, Emeriane Avocats assists its clients in designing, structuring and implementing development and transformation projects by placing people at the core of its organization and vision of law.”


We embody trust through our expertise as well as our transparency in terms of advice and support, internal organization and invoicing.


We will dare, create, think outside the box and explore new paths.

Emeriane Avocats, a pioneer law firm, helps you address challenges and seize the opportunities of tomorrow’s world.


We commit to flexibility and responsiveness, allowing us to quickly and easily adapt to your specific needs to fully protect your interests.


We anticipate risks and new challenges to provide concrete and innovative answers and adapt to major social and environmental transformations.

How we work


We deliver straightforward and pragmatic solutions tailored to address your operational issues


Our team is available and responsive to your needs


High standards and excellence of our strategic and legal advice

Our commitments guide our approach to business law

We are convinced that it is key to demonstrate our commitments by concrete actions that enable us to play an active role in the transition to a sustainable economy.

CSR policy and sustainable development

Emeriane Avocats implements controlled and reasonable fees justified by the legal and strategic advice and support provided by our team.

To guarantee upfront and transparent information, we set up engagement letters and fee arrangements clarifying expected diligence, estimated fees and the principles used to determine them.

To ensure more certainty around legal fees related to our work, we provide you with a detailed statement covering services performed and fees payable on a monthly basis.

We will keep you informed in real time of any event or change in circumstances that may impact the initial quote.

Emeriane Avocats donates 5% of its annual result to several recognized non-profit organizations sharing common values and working for the preservation of the environment and a more inclusive society.

In addition, Emeriane Avocats provides pro bono legal expertise to selected non-profit entities that have a positive social or environmental impact or that fight against discriminations.

Committed to the digital transition, Emeriane Avocats works in a completely dematerialized manner, by limiting printing to the strict minimum.

Our efficient IT system allows remote access to documents, while complying with the strongest requirements in terms of cybersecurity and confidentiality.

Emeriane Avocats uses an electronic signature software allowing remote, fast and secure signing.

To limit the carbon print of our team and our clients, we frequently organize our meetings by tele- or video-conference.

Making people the focus of our organization, Emeriane Avocats internally promotes the best practices and the following values:

  • Diversity and taking a stand against discrimination
  • Equal treatment and equal opportunities
  • Gender balance
  • Respect for the environment
  • Workplace wellness
  • Balance between work and private life

This commitment is in particular reflected in our membership to the Social Responsibility Charter of Law Firms (Charte de Responsabilité Sociétale des Cabinets d’Avocats) of the National Bar Council (Conseil National des Barreaux).

Emeriane Avocats ensures full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and in particular compliance with data confidentiality and security in all circumstances.

Our clients

As a partner for your projects and ambitions, we build solid and trust-based relationships with our clients.

Emeriane Avocats mobilizes all its expertise for its clients to allow them to make informed and tailor-made decisions while ensuring legal certainty.

We advise industrial groups, listed and non-listed companies, SMEs and mid-cap companies, investors, associations and foundations in various business sectors.

We also assist players of the transition to sustainable, responsible and resilient growth in the circular economy, collaborative economy, social economy, infrastructure, renewable energy, sustainable mobility, sustainable consumption and sustainable finance.